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Technology changes

The electronic industry has changed enormously over the last three decades from valve design to silicon transistor and now surface mount technology. This change has allowed designers to build smaller and extremely portable equipment. The use of surface mount devices has made it much more difficult for the average technician to work on, especially without the right tests equipment. Workshops almost have to invest on re-flow equipment to have any chance of attempting to repair the equipment of today. The new 3D visual generation is also a new phase along with digital radio and digital television. One believes the next phase will be speech technology. Does this mean we never have to use our hands anymore? Interesting. I have been servicing the electronic industry for over thirty years and had to adopt to these changes. Repairing wireless microphones is my favorite because radio waves is something you cannot physically see so it makes it more challenging and a challenge is what I am always looking for. Working on the bench is o.k through winter but in summer I would much rather be outdoors doing installations, that is if I had the chance. It gives my mind a break from fault finding all day.

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