High end receivers

Authorised Warranty Service Agents for -
Mipro, Emotiva, Luxman, Martin Logan, Anthem, Paradigm, Paradigm Custom, Vienna Acoustics, Van Den Hul, Triangle speakers, Primare, ISO TEK , RowOne Theatre Chairs, Cambridge Audio, Rega, REL, Ruark, Audio Research, McIntosh, Elac, Vivitek Projectors, Sherwood, Welling (Sound Craftsmanship), Cord & Digilink.
Out of warranty repairs to -
Emotiva, Peavey, AKG, Crown, Denon, Mipro, Shure, NAD, PSB, Boston Acoustics, Sony, Yamaha, Bose, Anthem, Primare, Paradigm, Cambridge Audio, REL, Ruark Audio, Rega, Audio Research, McIntosh, Rotel, Elac, Vivitek Projectors  & many other brands.
The following is a list of equipment we service:
Mixing consoles                                               
Theatre equipment
Cordless microphones                                     
Portable amplifiers                                          
Hi-Fi & PA Speakers
Guitar amplifiers and effects                   
In ear monitor systems
Hi-Fi equipment                                                
Wireless talk back systems
Other various electronic equipment       
Custom cables
100V Line amplifiers/speakers
Below are some popular brands:
Microphones (cable and wireless):
Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, AKG, Lectrosonics, Clear-Com, Mipro
and many more.
P.A Equipment:
Audiotelex, Australian Monitor, Peavey, RCF, Mackie, Behringer, Cloud, Bosch, Yamaha, Crown and various other brands.
Hi-Fi Equipment:
Emotiva, Paradigm, Tannoy, Luxman, Anthem, Vienna Acoustics, Anthem, Primare, Yamaha, Sony, Pioneer, Denon, NAD, Rotel, Audio Research, McIntosh Audio, Rega, Cambridge Audio, Ruark Audio, REL and various other brands.
Guitar Amplifiers and Effects:
Peavey, Marshall, Blackstar and various other brands.
We also repair and re-cone many brands of speakers Including Paradigm, Triangle, Vienna Acoustics, Martin Logan, Sonus Faber, Cambridge Audio, Rega, Elac, d&b, Proel, RCF, Mackie, Boston (Active & Passive)
Custom Leads:
Please feel free to call us.
Please call for information regarding services or sales of products not listed above for assistance.
Phone:    (03) 9041 4626
Fax:       (03) 8414 4044
Mobile:    0419 365 045
Email:    [email protected]
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